Professional Research

“I traveled to Havana in November 2015 to evaluate a study abroad program for Amherst College (where I teach). While there, I wanted to spend a few days exploring the marine ecology. However, the travel agency based in Washington, D.C. that booked my travel for university meetings knew nothing about diving in Cuba and was unable to set up my diving due to OFAC licensing. Amy & the team provided me with all the insider knowledge and contacts I needed to contribute to their organization’s humanitarian – environmental project.  I double checked it with the agency and it was exactly what I needed. With Amy’s specific direction and instructions on where to go and how to get there, I had the opportunity to research the Guanahacabibes National Marine Park. It was stunning just like Amy said it would be. I submitted my photos and research data for the 2nd edition of ecology book. I highly recommend participants go now and monitor the pristine reefs of Cuba before the hordes of descend. Doing legitimate marine ecology discoveries for the book is the perfect way to go!   PLUS the opportunity to have your discoveries published to help others is priceless!”

~Ethan Clotfelter,  Professor, Amherst University


I Want to Go Back, But ONLY with Cuba Ecology Programs

“I had the great pleasure of traveling to Cuba in 2002. The trip was facilitated by Amy Houghton, a friend in the diving industry. It was definitely one of the highlights of my diving career. Amy and I were journalists working on an article for Fathom Dive Magazine. She was the writer and I did the photography. Her knowledge of areas of interest, both surface and submerged was amazing. Amy had a profound empathy with the Cuban people. It made our trip extremely successful and a wonderful experience. It is one of my deepest desires to return to Cuba. I would not even consider the trip, unless it was through her organization.”

~ Donald Tipton, Underwater Photographer, author of Upon the Face of the Waters



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